Company Profile

“Unrestrained, Untrammeled, or Unbridled a Wild Enthusiasm, Crazy, to

Drive Someone Wild, Amazing or Incredible or Wide Of the Mark But

Wild to Get Started That is Wild about the New Styles.”

“Tempestuous, Extravagant, A Transparent, Odorless, A Compound Of

Hydrogen and Oxygen, H2O, the Surface of a Stream, River, Lake, Ocean,

Animal or Human Body Above or Below, Runs on the Water. That is

“WILD WATER ENTERTAINMENT” with the level of excellence.”

“WILD WATER ENTERTAINMENT” a name for the excellence in the field of creativity. It is needless to mention that creative satisfaction is the leader of our success. A creative mind is not enough to make the vision of brilliant directors. The flights of creativity need the wings of technology. The secret lies in the magic of technology and Wild Water Entertainment has brought this exiting technology & creativity under one roof.

“Wild Water Entertainment” a company which provides you the creative and technical facility both. We have different branches on the horizon expanding the creativity to its purest form as the nature balances its growth by spreading its new branches and roots all over.

The aim for Wild Water Entertainment is to gain better understanding of viewers and discover how to create tailored interactive entertainment programs for them, for that factor alone means that we could be poised to enter entirely new realm’s of entertainment we have experience, technique, contacts and family we believe about what makes A GREAT TEAM. Ultimately, A TEAM is a set of convictions that surround a program or quality in the viewer’s mind.
What Wild Water Entertainment exists to do is to create, sustain and grow these convictions. For us software industry is not only a profit giving business, but the art of entertainment, an art providing scientific entertainment for the new era and we are happy that we are, not only in connection with higher creative personalities but also with the brilliant technicians.

Our ultimate is to produce & provide a good climate for complete entertainment.

Considering the world scenario for the entertainment and media wild water spreads the wings internationally.


A branch of wild water entertainment with assorted highest experienced, new age techno, and creative team from United Kingdom and India.

Bulb Movies Ltd.UK targets to fulfil the demands of the United Kingdom for media and entertainment. We assure to cater the media everything under one roof.

Bulb movies ltd latest international project is  SHORT FILMS GURU, a digital channel of the international standard for short films and films making.