Line Production


Wild Water Entertainment is a group of diverse businesses with a long experience. Having been integrally involved in the industry for almost 15 years now, the experience sure is highly accountable. With a boastful list of associates, we aim at catering to your requirements as priority.

The In-House Services offered by Wild Water Entertainment are wide. We cater to your pre-production, On Shoot as well as Post Production assistance.

The benefits of shooting in INDIA with Wild Water Entertainment:

  1. The major benefit of shooting in India is low labor cost and the best of the technicians available make the product cost effective.
  2. We have many years of experience in the Film industry so you can be assured your production will be managed by a set of seasoned professionals.
  3. We are equipped to Support & Coordinate a variety of production needs, Due to our large network with major vendors and service providers.
  4. We have complete acquaintance of locations & extensive connections in the local production management.
  5. We facilitate quick sourcing of latest, top-of-the-line equipment & production facilities
  6. We assure error free & transparent functionality with Costs and Billings.
  7. A comfortable working environment with the client’s best interests as precedence.
  8. 24/7 Production Coordination Support Nationwide

Pre – Production & On Shoot:

We offer a series of pre-production & On Shoot Services. Our team consists of a wide international selection of top workforce from the industry. We put together efficient and reliable teams consisting only of professionals of proven track record and reputation. Our strength lies in the tabs we keep to ensure budgets are not exceeded and value of time.

The crew would include:

  1. Directors
  2. Producers
  3. Executive Producers,
  4. DOP’s and Camera Assistants
  5. Screenplay / Dialogue Writers
  6. Art Directors
  7. Sound Designers
  8. Production Designers
  9. Production Controllers
  10. Production Managers
  11. Production Assistants
  12. Camera Operators
  13. Art director & Set Construction Staff
  14. Casting Directors
  15. Make up department
  16. Technical Advisors
  17. Office Staff & Spot boys
  18. Location Scouts
  19. Security, Catering & Drivers

NOTE: We also help to do the research work entirely for the proposed genre for the feature films and documentaries.

Post Production:

Our Motto while assisting in Post productions is that our clients should never face technical or creative limitation at any particular studio. Thus, we keep strong affiliations with various post-production studios, each a leader in their respective fields, thus providing best solutions for a particular project.

The areas of assistance include:

1. Background Score
2. Film Editing
3. Sound Pre Mix and Final Mix & Sound Design
4. Entire Lab Processing
5. Computer Graphics, Animation, and VFX.

Equipment Rental

We have the latest and wide range of production equipment’s to meet all your needs. Our knowledge of the local scene and ability to source from different suppliers ensures that you get the best deal on your production.

Lighting & grip equipment, Cameras & Gear 16mm & 35mm Digi-beta & HD, Arri cameras, Steady cam, Lenses & accessories, cordless mikes and jimmy etc.etc..

Our Support Services

With us, every small but vital detail of your production is taken care of like Locations & Studios, Customs & Immigration Clearance, and Shooting Permits, Contracts & Payments for talent & Crew, Shooting Permits, Local Taxes & Security including Insurance and Legal Advisers.