If you are someone who wants to get into Acting, film making or entertainment industry and don’t know where to start , than count on us to help you on your way , from Portfolios to Acting Skills and how to apply for Auditions with best contacts in the Industry. Your skills and training can be applied to our sub-divisions Short Films Guru and Bulb Movies Ltd which will give you more exposure to the industry and you will be noticed more with our guidance and help.

Introduction of the Consultant 

Amitabh Dayal

An actor, producer, photographer now is turning to director with his new ventures his experience with 23 years plus in the Media Industry, available for consulting to help you on your way to a rewarded career within media.

Some details are given here for example


Guidance and professional consultancy for acting schools.

Important general ethics and habits in film industry.

Portfolio making and show reel.

Contacts with top casting agencies and directors.


Guidance and professional consultation for making your own album audio and video.

After the audio and video production we will guide you how to sale it to top music companies.

Making your own music channel with the top technicians of music industry.

Photography & filmmaking & other technical department

Guidance and professional consultancy to become a successful film maker, editor and photographer. We give consultancy how you can achieve your dream career without spending unnecessary enormous amount of money.

We train how to make zero budget films or Low cost film making for digital platform.

We guide you to achieve your dreams in any department of film making and media.

Company/Product or any service industry

We offer a complete media consultancy for company of any nature or any product to be publicized or any service industry.

We guide and promote your business with the strong media support and support you for your entire media department.

You tube channels

If you ever wanted to be a “Creator” or “You tuber” wanted to create your own successful professional channel for creativity publicity or make it your living for the rest of your life, we train you from pre-production to film making till your successful launch of your own channel may be it a cookery show, wine making, tech zone or any other innovative idea we train you and remain with you till your flourishing base on youtube.

Duration of contract

Hourly Contract

Half Yearly contract

Full year contract

TV & Film making, Acting Skills, YouTube Videos, if you want the best advice and guidance than please contact us.

Kindly mail us your requirements, purpose and targets ask us for the estimate quotation and we will revert back to you.

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